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6 Creative Ways to Create Hotel Website Design That Would Attract More Visitors

Tricks to Design an Excellent Hotel Website

Nowadays, business cannot develop fully without going online. This is because of the advent of the internet and mobile accessibility of any information of virtually everything. So if you are working on hotel website design for your hotel or inn’s website, there are actually ways to ensure that the designs you develop are created in such a way that they could attract more visitors and conduct business with you.

64First and foremost, design a website that is mobile-friendly. If you might have read somewhere, Google algorithm recently updated and they said that websites that are not ready for mobile-device use will receive lower ratings compared to the ones that are optimized for mobile devices. Reason enough for hotel owners to have responsive designs considering that more and more people are now booking hotel rooms via mobile phones.

Second, have a clean style. These days, the most trending designs for almost all kinds of websites is minimalist of clean style. Take note that visitors are going to a hotel website to find the best accommodation for their money. They are not there primarily to admire the bells and whistles of web pages. A good website design should highlight the main function of the site and guide the visitor through the architecture of the site.  

Third, create an impressive photo gallery. The main purpose of your gallery should tell the visitors what to expect when they check in your hotel. Hence, it is crucial that they can get the “look and feel” of your place by just looking at the images in your site’s gallery. Post only high resolution images and make their presentation or arrangements convincing and appealing.

Fourth, make your site’s navigation and information architecture simple and clean. The main trick here is to design a website that has easy-to-use navigation menus and forms. Take note that not all those who visit your site are technically adept to online architecture. Your infrastructure should be user friendly and that people of all ages will find it easy to book a room in your hotel. Also, allow users to easily find answers to their most popular questions such as the price, location, and services in the homepage.

Fifth, strategically position your contact information and booking form. A good hotel website design should make lead your visitors to ultimately look for the booking form to submit their reservation or reach you through the contact information you provided. Hence, it is crucial that your contact information should be prominent and located in a place that will never be missed by your potential guests.

Lastly, make sure that your site is social media friendly. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google+ are today’s the most powerful and effective tools to reach to as many potential visitors as you can. The best thing about these platforms is that they are free. So design your website in such as way that when viewed in these platform, visitors will be inspired and encouraged to reach you as soon as they can.

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